The Story Isn’t Over Yet…

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Don’t you just love the movies with an underdog?  It seems like the story is over, and he’s lost his fight…and then…from nowhere, our hero rises from the ashes and destroys his enemies for a rousing ending to the show! [Insert uproarious applause here]

In the post-Christmas haze, it is easy to take a deep breath and prepare for a couple of months of hibernation.  DON’T DO IT!  This month, we have Epiphany.  Epiphany is the 12th Day of the Christmas Season on the church calendar (remember the song?) and this is when we celebrate the coming of the Magi with gifts of gold and frankincense and myrrh.  Although we place the Magi in the manger, most scholars think that’s highly unlikely.  Scripture says they arrive “at the house”, which would indicate some time had past.  Herod tries to kill all males 2 years and under, so many biblical scholars believe the Magi didn’t arrive until around 2 years after Jesus birth in the barn.  After the great pronouncement to the shepherds, Scripture is silent for nearly two years of Jesus’ life.  It may sound like the story wasn’t what was expected or perhaps the birth is it…but wait…from nowhere, our hero rises to notoriety again.

In similar fashion, some folks write off churches.  It would be easy to look at 2011 and see how much Tanner Valley has moved forward and take a deep breath and prepare for some hibernation.  DON’T DO IT!!

Tanner Valley set some lofty goals for 2012.  In February, the leadership met to set out some plans to ‘go after’ those goals.

How about you?  How important is goal-setting to the future of a local church…denomination…Global Church?  How would you set about establishing and pursuing goals in such an organization?

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I am a Christian, Husband, Father, and Pastor (in that order). I enjoy the typical things that come with most of those titles. I also play guitar (rhythm) and sing, love to tinker with 'techie stuff' and learn (love learning, hate school). I hope to blog about a range of issues, but the primary posts (at least in the beginning) will be related to the Christian life. Politics, sports, etc. will take a second seat.

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